This website is built with Next.js Commerce, which is a ecommerce template for creating a headless Shopify storefront. 

Support for real-world commerce features including: 

  • Out of stocks
  • Order history
  • Order status
  • Cross variant / option availability (aka. Amazon style)
  • Hidden products
  • Dynamically driven content and features via Shopify (ie. collections, menus, pages, etc.)
  • Seamless and secure checkout via Shopify Checkout
  • And more!

This template also allows us to highlight newer Next.js features including: 

  • Next.js App Router
  • Optimized for SEO using Next.js's Metadata
  • React Server Components (RSCs) and Suspense
  • Server Actions for mutations
  • Edge runtime
  • New Next.js 13 fetching and caching paradigms
  • Dynamic OG images
  • Styling with Tailwind CSS
  • Automatic light/dark mode based on system settings
  • And more!

This document was last updated on July 18, 2023.